Established in 2000, ENPING JES AUDIO CO.,LTD.is engaged in designing, manufacturing and marketing electronic products. Our main products are microphones, professional amplifiers, audio mixers, audio equipment and PA systems. We market our products under two main brands: L&Y and DINI.  Located in Enping city,Guangdong, China, our factory covers an area of nearly 10,000 square meters. Our factory has strong technical strength, with a number of technical masterly development engineers and technical staff. We also have an array of world-class R&D equipment and detecting instruments.


Our products carry CE and FCC certificates and are compliant with the RoHS Directives. We have several QC inspectors who have over five years' working experience. They conduct rigorous inspections on every stage, from incoming raw materials to finished goods, ensure that only top-grade products are output. With reliable quality and stable performances, our products sell well in domestic and overseas markets including the Americas, Europe,Southeast Asia, Africa and so on.

We can meet customers' different needs regarding OEM projects. For your ODM requirements, our engineers with over one-decade experience will help you render a sample in just one week. Every month, we can develop five new products, keeping us updated in current markets.We are committed to providing customers products with good quality, favorable price and perfect after-sale services. Contact us today for more information.



Untied & Progressive, Struggling & Reciprocal, Dedicated & Professional, Perfect Service

Enterprising Spirit

Enterprising Spirit

A company can succeed only by developing the spirit of “Hardworking & Precipitant”, but the spirit is not the ultimate goal. Last success has created a new platform and laid a solid foundation for the next one. If following the law, the company can develop better; if stagnating, the company will be surpassed by competitors, in a bad situation and even kicked out. Hence, there is no end but a new starting point on the way of pioneering. We can survive and develop enterprisingly.

Collaborative Spirit

Collaborative Spirit

Each department or employee is relatively independent but connected in general. So people often say “Base on Duty, Think Globally”. In the critical moment, “it’s just like playing chess: success or failure depends on each step”. “One false move may lose the game”. If the game is lost, what does it matter even if someone is much capable? Therefore, the collaborative spirit is the symbol of an overall concept.

Challenging Spirit

Challenging Spirit

In face of this changeable and competitive industry, we think only with a challenging spirit can we make progress and breakthroughs. To succeed, we should forget achievements and keep learning. We call for self-transcendence and persistent pursuit to climb the peak of technologies and markets.


Company belief:  There is no best, only better

Corporate values:  integrity, responsibility, integrity

Company spirit:  self-improvement, the pursuit of excellence

Company style:  strict, meticulous and efficient

Brand concept:  the first class brand

Market concept:  beyond the expectations of users, move user intentions

Talent:  recruit more capable personnel, expertise and resources

Quality:  well-made boutique

Technology Innovation concept:  Better Life Technology

Cooperation philosophy:  honesty and trustworthiness, justice and benefit co

Financial philosophy:  science finance, both prevention and control, to realize maximum value

Operating principle:  "five forces" and promoting the development of aggregate - learning ability, creativity, resilience, execution, coordination force

Develop Strategy

Advantage by focusing on the development of primary industry, enhance their overall competitiveness and sustainable development capacity, will be promoted into a management of advanced, efficient operation, industry-leading century-old enterprise.


Enhance the capacity for sustainable development will be promoted to fight the century enterprises.


Enhance their ability to innovate, to make innovation a driving force behind the development of enterprises; the use of advanced management methods and tools, and improve enterprise management level; establish a scientific and efficient organizational structure and business processes, enhance operational efficiency; create good enterprise culture, enterprise development Provide the motive power and entrepreneurial passion.


Establishing industry technical advantages to the global promotion to win the trust of.

Optimize the industrial structure, highlighting the advantages of the main industry, focus on key industry projects, development of the industry to seize the high ground, become the world's most trusted suppliers.


Promotion of international exchanges and cooperation so that world-renowned brand

Actively with the international market, extensive international exchanges and cooperation and full participation in international competition, enhance the international level; vigorously strengthen the building of its own brand, product and brand establish a good image in the international market, the "promotion" brand into a China's first brand into the world-renowned brands.